A lot of the time I get told that I am overly dramatic when it comes to the topic of my adoption. I mean I guess that could be true considering the fact that I’m tearing up over here as I write this little post. Now, I understand that those who have not experienced adoption or foster care may not exactly understand the feelings in which some of us adopted/foster children face. And that is 100% okay. Of course we are not going to be able to understand everything fully unless we have actually been in the situation.However, I don’t necessarily believe that it takes a genius to sort of see how that may impact someone especially if they have explained their feelings to them.

For example, today I told someone over text message that I was adopted and their reaction was

“Looooooool really? So u pretty much never met ur real parents :’D growing up that must’ve sucked”.

Okay, before you start thinking “ummmmm that was it? I don’t see anything wrong with that statement. I just want to say that I do and I’m sorry but to me the statement was very insensitive. It is almost like a reminder of how much it sucks to know that I am not blood related to ANYONE on either side of my family and unfortunately in my case, I will never know who my biological parents are. Information about my birth parents/history in general were not allowed to be released to my parents. Yes, I said my parents because my parents are my parents and I love them more than anything and anyone in this world. I’m not even sure what the term “real parents” was supposed to mean.

Growing up, I wasn’t all that emotional about my adoption at all to be honest. It was only when I went to my home country for the first time at the age of 12. Before leaving, my parents had asked me if I wanted to see the hospital I was adopted from and I said yes without having to think twice. I was beyond excited until the night before actually going there. It all hit me at once and I balled my eyes out begging them not to take me there. I don’t regret that decision, I haven’t been back to my home country┬ásince but I do want to go back! I had an amazing time there. It’s funny because a lot of my family and family friends were really surprised to hear that I had a good time let alone enjoyed being there in general.

Anyway, I’m digressing from the main topic. I had mixed feelings about this and I am still not entirely sure about how I feel but what I do know.. is that I love my parents. They are my world and the greatest gift God could ever give me. I have to keep reminding myself that blood does NOT define who your family is. I am 100% without a doubt one of the lucky ones and I would like everyone to know that I am extremely grateful.┬áThere will always be someone who will try to bring you down or will just always have something to say. Screw those people! We only have one life, don’t waste time on those who waste their own time trying to ruin yours. Time is extremely valuable so don’t forget that!!!!

Thanks for reading!

P.S. You are NEVER alone.